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Windy from intensive care

"Stupid" should be a legitimate medical diagnosis.

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I am a (military) nurse, sporty, blonde, live in Spain (for years already but originally from Northern Europe), have wicked imagination and one BIG workload (that results me not having too much time in my hands to.. go all.. internetty? Ehm).

I like Johnnys'-senpais. My dirty (not so) little (and also not so) secret is Tegoshi of NEWS. He sneaked his way to my heart with a loud bang and is not going away even after I tried. HARD.
Otherwise I don't care muchly about groups that debuted after Takitsuba.
So if you like SMAP, TOKIO, V6, Takki, Kinki, Higashi-sama, Matchy etc, I think we should talk! A lot!

I usually follow jdramas to some extent and when my favorites are involved...there will be some *__*-ing.

Jpop-fics (the few I've written) are public in this journal 'til further notice. Jrock scribbles are posted in the communities under my writing account.
EVERYTHING ELSE in this journal is either F-LOCKED or PRIVATE.
When I write, I write for fun. I do not think that any of the characters borrowed actually do anything similar to things I've written.
I'm seriously too old for that.

Random friendings not appreciated.

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