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Windy from intensive care
"Stupid" should be a legitimate medical diagnosis.
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1st-Jan-2020 06:18 am - [sticky] note
Nurse Smurfette


Some things are public, most are not. If you want me to add you, leave me a reply here.
And like.. a reason for the add (or if i know you, just tell me you're a VIP)?
Just adding me is not making me add you back.
"I like NEWS" is not a reason. Confessing eternal love to SMAP, Orepachi-sensei, Dankichi, Navino Hiroshi or Tegoshi's antics... are ^__^

comments screened.
19th-Apr-2014 07:16 am - get your act together, korea..
Nurse Smurfette

I got the posting.
Am packed and ready to leave at 5 minutes' notice.

The only BUT here seems to be the Korean government, where the right hand has no idea what the left hand or the head is doing.
Talked to a few friends currently on the Bonhomme (a big US warship standing two days on standby while Korea tries to think about if it's politically preferable to take the help...) and they're getting frustrated because of the standby, which is completely understandable.
Freaking get your act together, SK government! People needed help 70 hours ago and it's been offered but not taken because they want to do it themselves (and we've seen how well THAT has been going during the past few days!).

They also said that even though there are five large cranes onsite, they won't be used until they're sure no one inside is alive...
wth? there's limited air inside and even if the chances are close to zero, you won't even want to use the cranes to take the ship to the surface? I'm not suggesting flipping the ship, but taking it up as it is. OMG the incompetense. Especially since the experts say the ship is likely to move (drift away) and sink even more in the near future.
I'm so done. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-27087243

Even now, my team leader has talked to the SK officials and one is like "please come, we need the help" and the next goes "oh, but this is a Korean issue..."
Get off your high horse and take the help. although at this point, almost 80 hours after the accident - with the ship completely submerged (the highest point being 10m below the surface) in cold, about +10C, water and even having turned 10 degrees and air escaping, this is not really a rescue mission anymore, but turning to a recovery. as sad as it is :/

but damn, did they screw this up :/:/

18th-Apr-2014 07:08 am - off to Korea?
Nurse Smurfette

South Korean Ferry disaster status right now: 28 confirmed dead, 268 missing, 179 rescued.
I applied for a place in a rescue/aftercare team heading to South Korea. I'm expecting a response about the posting today or early tomorrow. I'm already packed and waiting for the call.
Let's all pray for the victims and that even though the ferry has now completely sunk, there could be someone found alive when the divers will ascend 3PM KST.

YTN Live tv from the scene:

My Korean isn't worth a penny (I only know some basic sentences and words), but I think my work in Asia in numerous occasions before plus knowledge of the culture will work for my advance.

16th-Apr-2014 05:27 am - Lonhaa 3hr sp

AGDFAHSDGAH dangerous!
London Hearts' 15 year SP, 3 hours of amusement.
The legendary Magic mail makes a return after two years.
So they had 8 comedians and 8 gradols/models paired with them for fake tv shows and then the girls begin sending the guys lovemail. It's to determine whether the guys can keep their private business out of the work environment or if they have 下心 (like, hidden motives) in their work. The deception is that the mails are fake and it's actually Atsushi mailing them, for over weeks.
The ones who took the bait were Denis Ueno, Junpoke Saitou, Woman Rush Hour's Muramoto and Kumoto.
In the first meeting after the weeks of mailing, Saitou surprisingly shot the girl down. Go Saitou! Nicely done! Safe!

BUT OMG! Woman Rush Hour's Muramoto is 100% dangerous. In the shooting break when he was left with the gradol, he turned off his mic and asked bluntly if she likes him. And then he was about to kiss her!! (Atsushi got a staff to barge in then to interrupt because it was getting dangerous) And then he intertwined his fingers with hers and held her hand.
akfhagfdjafddajsf nowords.
They decided it was too dangerous of a situation to take it to the next level, and in the end went with Ueno.

So they set Ueno and the gradol Fudeko up for a date in a restaurant and had her invite him back to "her place" (a fake apartment) where Atsushi being the genious he is, feeds her lines and actions while monitoring.
Lol, A had her ask, that what is Ayase Haruka confessed to Ueno, what would he say? And he said: "I'd say No~ I'm Fudeko's, I would say that right away".
A gets even more creative: "What if, when you returned home, Masuwaka Tsubasa would be waiting for you on your bed, naked? What then?"
Ueno: "No~~, Masuwaka."
"But if she was naked there.. this is Masuwaka-san after all.."
Ueno: "I don't know anything about that... Go home, Masuwaka" (しらねえよ,ゴーホーム)
XD Masuwaka's face XD

no way no way no way, they're going to air Muramoto's after all. O__O
so after a meal with the fake program's staff, the girl leaves first and promises to call him.
So she calls and invites him over, and he's right away: "can we kiss!?"
-watch me have a nervous breakdown-

Atsushi and the rest of the cast are and in the apartment, waiting.
after entering, right away by the door:
"can I kiss you"
"can I take a bath? will you take one with me?" (on the sofa)
"can we hold hands?"
(omg the twining fingers)
"what do you like about me"?
"come closer (on the sofa)"
"just a little bit closer"
"so, a kiss"
omg he teared up a bit after the reveal that it was a Magic Mail.

but wow, I wouldn't actually mind dating him. He was great in Nakai no mado last week and I like him. this was maybe yes, eww-y at parts, but still.


.....the four-hour live broadcast of waratte iitomo grand finale (aired 31.3.14).
I've pushed watching this forward and forward because of course there is an almost two-hour segment in which all the famous people who've participated in the program during the 32 years of its run give thankful speeches.
In other words: the oh-so-traditionally-japanese CRYFEST. Literally BAWLING.

Shingo was totally lost for words and cried, Tsuyopon stayed on unoriginal and safe topics.
But Nakai. OMG NAKAI. You own the world so hard.
He is such a good person and an amazing talent. Nakai's speech:

Tamori-san, thank you for your hard work for the last 32 years.
Coming this April it has been exactly 20 years since I started working with Tamori-san on Waratte Iitomo.

If i look back to April 1994, when we (SMAP) weren't famous, when we weren't at all popular despite being Johnnys idols, when we hadn't foud our own identities, when we didn't even have a manager yet, and still were appointed and accepted as regulars in Iitomo.
For that, I want to first express my deepest gratitude.
Thank you so very much.

I think that variety is an unusually harsh branch of entertainment.
Because of that we have had the chance to be singers, actors and variety regulars.

In the music world when you do a live (tour) there is a tour finale, when filming dramas or movies there is the moment when all the filming is finished.
So I think that when beginning to work on something, we are aiming for that goal and use that image to make progress towards it.

But variety is a genre that aims to be neverending, always moving forward.
So with the thought that it is a genre that cannot be done without dedication and spirit, I thought that as SMAP, making an emphasis on variety We'll try out hardest.
And the ultimate reason for that was when I was allowed to participate in Iitomo.

And after all, the end of variety is dreary.

Other genres might have a good reputation or a bad reputation, but they still will come to their ends.
But variety... where there is no final goal, but then when it needs to end.
So to think that there is such a harsh thing as variety.

Back then we (me and Katori) couldn't really do anything.
Even if we were told "Today let's do this" and "Today let's have this kind of conversation", we were totally useless.
But I learned that to help the program, and to help Tamori-san, to make a fun program were all ways to provide amusement.

It's so regrettable.
I don't think there's anything as regrettable as this.

As was said before, Tamori-san is not someone who gets angry, but on the other hand he doesn't give praises either.
It was just a few (3,4,5) years ago when I finally got together with Tamori-san (in private) and had a meal.
Once when we were drinking, Tamori-san got a bit drunk and embraced me gently and stroked my hair saying:
"Nakai, I'm grateful to you" "I'm truly grateful to you"
I was so... I was so happy.

These days Johnnys idols normally participate in variety.
But really, when I was allowed to enter Iitomo with Shingo, Johnnys had no idea about variety or how to prepare us for it.
Thank you for giving us a chance.

During these 20 years, there were times when I was injured or sick, or took a vacation.
But for those 20 years, I kept returning to Alta (the studio where Iitomo is filmed).

(Nakai tsukkomi-ing Shoufukutei Tsurube, won't translate because too much inside things and would take too long to explain ;p)

I have for the last 20 years been with Iitomo without almost any vacations, without being absent from the broadcasts (except for private matters) and I think that I have grown to firmly accomplish things.
So after these 20 years, I think Tamori-san would explain this by saying that "it's ok to graduate/to leave the show now that you've reached adulthood" (in Japan 20 is the coming of age).
From now on, as an Iitomo-regular, to proudly be able to say that "I was doing Iitomo for a long time" and keep it as my pride and not be shy about it.
From now on too, I will do my very best in variety and other genres too.
Tamori-san, thank you very much.

*wails because of all the feels*
Nakai forever my hero; the boy who took charge of his group and has brought them to this point. Never will anyone do anything like they have done. Nakai ILU so much.
Sorry for the horrible English in the trans, it's like 5AM.


Aka Nittere Ninkibangumi SP, spring 2014. This post will be f-locked in a few days.

[click here for the recap]

OMG THIS SHOW (lol what, it was like 4,5 hours long!). Short points that made me flail.
During the first hour (DASH's portion) Tego didn't speak much in the parts that were broadcasted and so TOKIO (Taichi and Gussan) called him out on it, telling him to speak more. fnshsfdjsdgf senpai love he spoke more in other sections then :)

ItteQ's corner was hosted by Uchimura, Miyagawa and Tego. Lol, they made fun of Tego's (once again extraordinary and flashy costume) and dragged Kame and Gussan into making fun of him too.

Matsuri-corner, where Tego demonstrated the big swing and he.was.just.so.cool. ahdfadsgahf! He kept going round and round and it looked so easy. They called him "さすが,イッテQの王子" (as expected from ItteQ's prince). Yes! the competitors' faces seeing him do it thou.. lol
Lulz, Gussan's "あんな可愛いくない後輩ないっすよ" (such an irritating kouhai) awh, we know you love him.
I'm so happy that Gussan won (Yamda, Yokoyama, Daigo all failed). He's such an amazing senpai. ♡ Tego looked happy and so impressed too

Denjirou-sensei made 20 guys from the panel do a human circle. Tego was between Gussan and Nino
Lol this brat, "
先輩にいっちゃっていいですか" XD ILU.

Presenting programs' stars. Of course Tego is nominated... This time it was a short clip about Star Tegoshi vs. Meek Koyama. Lol. Tego's comments.. always on point. Too bad they didn't show the jump thou, or footage from last week's SP where he caught the lizard with bare hands or took the snake massage. Well, maybe in the next SP!
Koyama grumbles (or tries to, he is such a fail) about how Tego gets the star treatment in private too (like, when he was on a flight once when the clock turned to his birthday and the CA brought him a cake and congratulated him, lol.. ouji ouji) and he gets zilch. Also TOKIO's Leader, mwah. Get all them senpai, Tego.

So....Tego wins the "ultimate star" title for ItteQ for the 2nd time in a row. Gyoretsu-hosts ask Nino (who was in the judging panel) what he thinks of a kouhai like Tego and he goes just: "I hate it". LOL. They're friendly and hang out sometimes thou so it's all in good humor. Plus he himself chose him as the winner too.

Shabekuri's portion is "forbidden/risky questions". They were talking about members leaving comedy units and OMG they asked Kame what he thought of members leaving since he has experience of it (KAT-TUN). Kame's FACE. His jaw dropped and he was super flustered.
He avoided the question saying that he doesn't talk about things like that in public. And when pressed, said that it wasn't like it was completely dame to talk, but he still hasn't processed it (the members leaving) 100%. (...lame answer, Kame).
So the host goes: Well Nakamaru has processed it all so he should be able to answer. XD
Nakamaru doesn't answer either (he's like: our situation has finally calmed down just now, so I really don't want to touch that question).
So then Ueda asks Tego.
Ueda: "Tegoshi-kun, what would you do if a member/members left the group?"
Jun: "Tegoshi has experience about that too".
Cue the audience and the panel cheers. (Kame goes: you can't ask HIM that, it's dangerous!)
OMG. Tego had that look on his face.
And then this brat, this brat ANSWERED IT ACTUALLY.
----some serious keysmash----
Tego: "Well, let's see...first we had 9 members. And now there are 4. So the majority has left" (*^0^*)
The whole studio explodes in laughter, lol. The geinin, all the guest and especially Kame, Gussan and Leader. THIS KID! No one from Johnnys EVER talk about things like this.
Some comments about how many left the group. Tego nods.
Tego: "When the majority leaves, there aren't many things to be scared of anymore" (過半数割ると怖いものなくなるんです)
more LOLZ by everyone, especially the geinin.

I so hope that this will give him a chance to get another posting to a variety show. He'd be hilarious in one of Ariyoshi's programs as the prince-idol-character with his bluntness and idol comments.
I have to say that he is mentally really strong. Simply amazing. To be able to bluntly joke about all the hard times they've had.
I applaud, my bias wins at life.

Gussan compliments Tego for being good at soccer later. Awh.
Suzuki, we don't want to hear your and your husbands bedroom stories!


So, Tesshi is NTV's main caster for this summer's FIFA World Cup in Brazil (football/soccer).

This came to be after ItteQ's PD took a call to NTV's sports director Oikawa in the middle of ItteQ's Shuffle special (aired 14.3.30) filming in Indonesia jungle.
Tesshi, who had been jumping around scared and flailing around even for falling leaves and butterflies (lol, he was so annoyed in the jungle XD) and who said that he wouldn't touch the mega big spider even if they paid him a hundred million yen, took the call.
So the deal was that if he touched the spider for 30 seconds, he could have the main caster gig.
LOL baby ILU, he was actually pretty cool and managed to do it on the 2nd try (first try was like 28 seconds).

Kano Eiko, XD

So he complained a lot (like seriously a lot, his prince persona xp) in the jungle but he
- found five animals and touched them (eww the crawling insects...)
- caught food: namely an insect with the first try, a frog and a big water lizard with his bare hands
- the staff put him in a traditional mud wrestling competition expecting serious fail and he FREAKING WENT AND WON EVERY MATCH AND THE TITLE and really did it seriously and somehow managed to LOOK COOL while doing it. Lol staff, feel your fail.
- he took one hour of snake massage. GOD what willpower.

A mention for his trim body and abs is needed. Dayum.

In short, he is awesome at variety and everyone was impressed. The usual. 

25th-Mar-2014 10:56 am - Tegoshi continues being flawless

aka NEWS 10th Anniversary DVD, Encore stage

♥ ❤ ❥♥ ❤ ❥♥ ❤ ❥♥ ❤ ❥♥ ❤ ❥♥ ❤ ❥♥ ❤ ❥♥ ❤ ❥♥ ❤ ❥♥ ❤ ❥♥ ❤ ❥♥ ❤ ❥

Tegoshi's encore speech ( the eight minutes), part two translation:
(part 1 here)

And when we were wondering where we should hold the event... we were surprised seeing everyone's passionate response on the tour and being told that ”NEWS can pull off the event in Tokyo Dome!”, the four of us were truly happy. For we had already written off Tokyo Dome and thought that it was a place we couldn't return to anymore.

Johnny's Agency is a big agency and the groups have a lot of fans. It is even possible to hold the first concerts as a group in Tokyo Dome. But we.. we began in halls, starting from Odaiba Hall, then toured the arenas and then performed in Domes. And then last year we couldn't perform in Domes like we usually had.. we were really sad and disappointed and thought that as four we couldn't stand on Dome stages... maybe we couldn't fill the Domes anymore.

We were really sad and disappointed then, but looking at this year's tour and when the Tokyo Dome dates were decided... how to say it.. those feelings can't be put to words, my feelings for you all.

I usually call you things like ”girlfriend” or ”honey”, but even more than that... how to say.. I love you, everyone. I am really really happy to have been born as Tegoshi Yuya and having met you all. You make me so happy that I just want to repeat the word happy over and over again and the feeling gives me the will to make you smile even more. To make you think of Yuya instead of meals, think of Yuya when you go to sleep or take a bath (like: nn~ let's enter the bath together~?) :D

As a part of Johnny's number one group that makes people smile, I Tegoshi Yuya am aiming to be with you in your thoughts all the time, day and night.
I am a free-spirited delinquent boss, who might sometimes make you worry, sometimes have a girlfriend and sometimes forget lyrics. There are many sides to me, but they all are me, Tegoshi Yuya. And I am a piece of NEWS. So please support this one piece of NEWS, Tegoshi Yuya, from now on too.
I am truly thankful for the past ten years.
Thank you so much.

.......now let's all cry in a corner.

//edit. thank you very much for all the nice comments. Let's support Tegoshi and NEWS together from now on too~~


This boy. This boy takes alone the steps up to Tokyo Dome's stage before the encore. He is the first of the group to appear.
He stands, head held high and smiles before more than 60 thousand people and speaks heartfelt words of gratitude for eight minutes.
He never stutters, his voice never wavers and he never looks down or lost.
People in the audience are crying, but then he smiles and makes some jokes to lift the mood.
He is the ultimate Prince character of his agency, and holds to that title and shows a comedic appearance more than often.
Really, he is a serious and hardworking person (see just one example here) but he rarely lets the public see that.
And he is proud of it, the fact that he can really LIVE his idol prince persona when he is in public, whether it is as a member of NEWS or alone in his own schedules.
So be happy, you who have seen him pour his heart out on NEWS 10th anniversary stage.

You perfect little being, I am so proud of you and so proud to be your fan.

♥ ❤ ❥♥ ❤ ❥♥ ❤ ❥♥ ❤ ❥♥ ❤ ❥♥ ❤ ❥♥ ❤ ❥♥ ❤ ❥♥ ❤ ❥♥ ❤ ❥♥ ❤ ❥♥ ❤ ❥

Tegoshi's encore speech ( the eight minutes), part one translation:

Thank you for today.
Today was really fun, and I'm truly happy. Thank you.
Well, we have somehow come to reach 10 years as NEWS, but when I look around I think that we have lived through many things that a group usually would not.
There are many things that happened during those ten years; we have been the reason for some sad memories, and made you worry...

Somehow, during this national tour in, in each concert when seeing everyone's lovely smiles when you're cheering us on enthusiastically with pure feelings, there were so many times when I thought that NEWS's fans are amazing.
You're the best!
Truthfully speaking, this ship called NEWS has been close to being broken so many times in these ten years. I think there have been times when you have noticed a little of them.

Like.. it's come to a point where NEWS is the group that no matter how many times we disappear, it's not unusual.
Like you know, I who has only ever been playing football (soccer), entered Johnnys' company and due to, I like to call it, fate, was added to a group called NEWS. And from there on my life completely changed.
At that time, I thought that we'll make it to the top with this group, with these members. Back then I hated losing (I still do now, but then it was more clearly visible) and I was single-minded with it like in sports that I'd always played: We'll definitely reach the utmost top with this group, with these members! We'll be the number one in Johnnys and when people would be talking about the group that brings happiness not just girls but also fathers and mothers, children and boys, they would be talking about NEWS.

But when I think about it, there were times when our activities were halted, when the members' opinions and thoughs didn't match each other, when we wanted to make a real national tour but only could have concerts in Tokyo and Osaka.. That wasn't how it was supposed to go.

But even in those bad times, there were thoughts that maybe we should try it once more with this group. And not to whitewash the past, but simply because everyone (of you fans) was there.

And so we made a comeback as a 4-member NEWS last year. I truly thought that I wouldn't ever stand on a stage with them anymore, for there really was the option that NEWS would be disbanded and I would only continue in Tegomasu.
Everyone gave their encouragement, but if asked if I had 100% confidence in everyone approving the new 4-member NEWS, I couldn't have wholeheartedly said yes. But after releasing Chankapaana and taking the concert tour to see everyone around the country, thoughts like ”I'm so happy that I continued for these fans' sake” and ”I wonder how we are this loved” and ”I'm so happy now” suddenly increased rapidly when we were together as NEWS.

This year too, when the tour was decided on I was really really happy; it is after all our 10th anniversary year. But when we start thinking about it, we don't really feel like it's been 10 years. That is because we couldn't have activities for all of those years and caused everyone much worry and sadness. But after all when this 10th anniversary event was decided, I thought that 10 years is really something to be proud of.

(part 2 here)

//edit. thank you very much for the nice comments. Sharing is caring =)


I am like 10 mins into the live dvd.

And already.


....this documentary is GOLD. Road trip, the boys having fun... their chemistry is so nice. YES 4-nin NEWS, this is the way!

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